Some Places You Need to Visit in the UAE

places you need to visit in uae
These are some of the places you absolutely need to visit in the UAE.

The emirates have been a solid tourist destination for ages now. Not only do people flock to the UAE for its flourishing job market, but also for its potential for travel and adventure. From skyscrapers to traditional beauty, UAE offers everything. It is, therefore, imperative that a traveler to UAE plans their trip with its best attractions in mind. Some places you need to visit in the UAE are beyond the cliche of skyscrapers and shopping festivals. When you land in the UAE, each of the seven emirates provides exclusive tourist destinations. Proper planning beforehand is a huge help. Our list will help you properly time and map your holiday in the UAE.

Places to Visit in UAE

We have previously listed out places to visit on a priority basis in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. However, a trip to the UAE warrants a separate list with places to visit from all over the seven emirates. This list of the places to visit in the UAE will work as a road-map for your next holiday in the UAE.

1. Burj Khalifa

We are aware of the serious cliche in making Burj Khalifa the number one in this list. It is, however, virtually impossible to make this list without Burj Khalifa sitting at the top. Being the tallest building in the world has earned it this reputation. Dubai is the primary attraction in all the emirates and Burj Khalifa is the primary attraction within Dubai. Entering through the Dubai Mall, you can have a trip to its observation deck and experience Dubai in all its glamour.

2. Hajar Mountains

Among the places in UAE that travellers should remember, there are some that do not adhere to the general image of UAE tourism. The Hajar Mountains prove that natural beauty also acts as a worthy contender to the shopping malls and skyscrapers in UAE. This range acts as the rugged heart of the UAE and deserves a place on this list. Other than the opportunity for hiking and trekking, it is also the perfect place for bird-watching. The nature in the UAE is exposed to the correct degree here.

3. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

This iconic masjid in Abu Dhabi is living proof of cultural integration into the modern metropolitan. Craftsmanship from the traditional era merges with modern design to create this masterpiece. The sheer display of Islamic architecture is enough to make it essential for you to visit this mosque when in the UAE. Its white exterior with an interior having gold, mosaic tiles and glass-work increases its beauty manifold.

4. The Desert

Although the desert is not an actual location, it is worth a mention in this list. The amount of experiences in the UAE desert that you can have are enough to make you visit again. There are four-wheel-drive trips, sand-boarding, hiking, camel treks and dune-buggy journeys. All of this turns the UAE desert experience into a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

5. Sharjah Arts Museum

In another famous emirate, this museum is the most high-profile museum dedicated to arts all over the UAE. On the Corniche Street in Sharjah, this museum holds the most prestigious art collection of the UAE. Moreover, the diversity in the masterpieces within the museum is astonishing.

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