How to get UAE driving license. Complete Guide

get UAE driving license
learn how to get UAE driving license

It is time to explain how to get UAE driving license.  I believe getting a UAE driving license is not that difficult as people think. If you follow the complete guide in how to get UAE driving license you won’t have any issue in getting a valid driving license.

NOTE: you should be over 18 years of your age to apply for the driving license in Dubai UAE.

If you are a foreigner in Dubai UAE you should look at how to convert a foreign driving license in UAE.

UAE Driving License

Selection of Course

First of all, you have to decide for which vehicle you are going to apply for the license. It is LMV  or HMV and if it is automatic or manual.

Documents Required

If you have made your mind and ready to apply for RTA driving license. You must have:

* Passport (original and copy)

*NOC (No Objection Certificate from employer)

*Eye test results

*8 photos of yourself.

Get the eye test result either from a hospital or an optician. Your driving school can also help you with eye testing checkup.

Dubai UAE Driving Schools

You have to enrol yourself in driving school. There are a couple of authorized schools but don’t worry these schools have multiple branches. Here is the list of authorised schools:

  • Al Ahli Driving School
  • Belhasa Driving School
  • Dubai Driving Center
  • Emirates Driving Institute
  • Galadari Driving School
  • Drive Dubai

Your school will handle all the paperwork with RTA and will guide about all the necessary steps you have to make.

Registration and file opening

Review all the schools get feedback from locals and you check also check online. After having a complete understanding visit nearby driving institute and open the file. After you receive the temporary UAE driving licence permit from RTA, you are ready to drive the car under the supervision of your instructor. Always keep the RTA temporary driving licence permit with you.

Pre Evaluation Test

If you have a driving license from your home country and its 2-5 years old you must attend 30 classes at school. If the driving license id more than 5 years old than 20 classes. If you have no driving license at all then 40 classes are necessary.

If you choose 20 or 30 classes course, you need to go for the Pre-evaluation test. Please carry your RTA Book and temporary learning permit along with you for the Test.


Attend 8 lectures on different topics at your respective driving school branch. Lectures available in different languages (Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu).You can choose either to start your practical training first and simultaneously go for theory test or you can pass your theory test and then start your practical training.

Practical Training

Book your training classes from your respective school branch. On the first day of training, please meet the scheduling staff to collect your training sheet and don’t forget to bring your RTA book and temporary UAE driving licence learning permit.

RTA Theory Test

Book your theory Test and makes sure the theory test and your training time will not clash. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your test. To practice the RTA theory test please go through the official manual, download RTA Theory Test mobile application. Nothing to worry about we have covered you here. You can practice all the driving permit questions on our website. Follow RTA Theory Test Questionnaire

Don’t forget to bring:

  • Relevant ID.
  • Driving file.
  • 2 photos.
  • RTA theory test fee of AED 200.

In the test, a total of 35 questions will be asked from Road Signal, Hazards and guidelines on safe-driving. You have to attempt this test on the computer but if the participant is computer illiterate or cannot read than examiner will take an oral test. You are allowed to take your test in your language it could be Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu etc.

The theory test is divided into 2 sections. The first section contains 17 questions related to general traffic situations and to pass this section minimum 11 correct answers are needed. The second section has 18 questions related to the specific driving license a minimum of 12 correct answers are required. If you pass the theory test only then you can apply for the road test.

RTA Parking Test

RTA Parking test consist of the following test:

* Garage Parking

* Parallel Parking

*60 Degree Parking

* Hill Stop

* Emergency Stop

Assessment Test

After completing the mandatory classes, you need to book an assessment test. If you get very good or excellent marks, you can attend the RTA Road test, If you get a moderate or weak result in your assessment test then you need to take prescribed extra classes.

Book RTA Road Test

As soon as you have passed your theory and parking test, you can book for your RTA Road Test, the date for which usually comes around 2 weeks from the date of booking. You can book your road test through RTA Call centre (800 9090). Please use the time wisely, complete all the classes and pass the assessment test before the road test. If any of the above criteria is not met, the test will be postponed automatically without any charges.

Book Highway Training

After Completing the required classes, book your 2 mandatory highway classes from your driving institute.

Book Night Classes

Book your 2 mandatory night classes through your driving institute and attend the same at least 48 hours before the road test date.

Attend the RTA Road Test

Attend your book RTA Road test as scheduled. Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled test time at the assigned test centre.

Must have documents:

  • Passport
  • Driving file.
  • 2 photos.
  • Fill up the application form and
  • Submit RTA road test fee of AED 200.

When your name is called go with the driving inspector to the designated car. You have to drive the car. If you fail, you will have to repay and book for the 7 mandatory training classes. After passing the road test collect the approval paper from your inspector and go to RTA Pass Counter.

Please keep original emirates id and Passport copy with VISA Page submit suitable ID and fee of 100 AED. Take your test file and submit to Control Counter. After processing, pay the required fee and proceed to photo area. Wait for your turn until your name is called out, have your photo taken. Congratulations, now you have UAE driving license and eligible to drive in Dubai and the UAE.



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