How to Get Heavy Bus Driving License

heavy bus driving license

The heavy bus driving license belongs to the UAE driving license category 6. It permits individuals to drive heavy buses with a capacity of more than 26 passengers. The minimum age requirement for a heavy bus driving license course is 21 years.

In the UAE, there are eight distinct categories of driving licenses, one of which is for operating heavy buses as the sixth category.

Heavy Bus Driving Licence

By obtaining a heavy bus driving license in Dubai, UAE, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to drive heavy buses safely. Following all safety codes and laws while driving heavy buses is essential to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

Heavy Bus Course Content

This course is generally offered in three different languages: Arabic, English, and Urdu.

With a heavy bus driving license in Dubai UAE, you’ll gain knowledge and understanding of the following concepts:

Before starting the engine, drivers must take necessary precautions, such as checking all vehicle systems and ensuring that all safety features are operational.

Drivers must also be knowledgeable about using gear clutch, brakes, and mirrors to ensure proper operation of the heavy bus.

In addition, lane discipline, lane changing, and reversing must be mastered to navigate heavy buses in traffic safely.

Drivers should also learn how to park heavy buses properly and anticipate potential traffic problems before they occur.

Good courtesy towards other road users is essential when driving a heavy bus, and so is familiarizing oneself with road markings and signals that drivers must adhere to while driving the heavy bus.

Lastly, legal restrictions and obligations must be taken into consideration when driving a heavy bus in Dubai, UAE; these obligations include obeying speed limits and adhering to local traffic laws at all times for the safety of both drivers and passengers.

Required Documents

To obtain a heavy bus driving licence in Dubai, UAE, individuals need to present the following documents:

  • Original Emirates ID or a digital copy of the latest Emirates ID from the ICA app
  • A copy of a Passport copy FOR a unified number
  • Eye test report (before RTA file opening). This is available at your driving school or RTA-approved eye test centers. Individuals must have valid results to proceed with their application.

Original Home Country driving license issued from other countries – if any – under the same vehicle category*.

  • This includes valid and expired driving licenses that are at most ten years old.
  • In cases where the license is not written in English or Arabic, applicants must seek legal translation services from an office in Dubai.
  • If a driver has lost their license, they must provide a letter from their consulate and a clear color copy of their Home Country Driving License.

Note: Subject to RTA approval. If the RTA denies this document, applicants must obtain a letter from their embassy instead.

Additional Documents

UAE Marsoom

  1. Valid and original marsoom letter addressed to RTA.
  2. Valid and original passport
  3. Eye test report

File transfer from other institutes within Dubai or other emirates

  1. An authorized signatory signed and stamped a clearance letter from the previous driving institute.
  2. The last road test result in the case reached road test (applicable only for those transferring licenses from another emirate).

Driver visa holders

  1. Medical fitness reports from RTA-approved medical centers or hospitals.

Heavy Bus Driving Licence Procedure

The heavy bus driving license procedure in Dubai is divided into 9 steps. You can follow these steps quickly and get a biker driving license.

1. Registration

To kick off the process of becoming a licensed driver, it is necessary to register either online or in person at your local driving institute. When registering, ensure you have all the required documents mentioned before for smooth and successful registration.

2. Theory Lectures

Once you have officially registered, it’s time to attend theory classes. These classes will help you understand and become familiar with Dubai’s heavy bus driving regulations.

3. Theory Test

To advance in the heavy bus driving license procedure, drivers must pass a theory test. This multiple-choice assessment covers topics such as heavy bus regulations and road safety in Dubai, UAE.

Try out our official RTA theory test app, where you can practice questions for free on your mobile device.

android dubai rta theory test app
dubai rta theory test app for iphone

4. Practical Traning

After passing the theory test, drivers must complete a heavy bus driving course. This involves completing several hours of practical training and learning how to drive heavy buses in urban and rural settings.

5. 1 Hour Night Training

Before taking the heavy bus driving test, drivers must complete one hour of night training to safely and confidently drive heavy buses at night.

6. Initial Driving Assessment

Drivers must also complete an initial heavy bus driving assessment before taking the test. This assessment aims to evaluate their heavy bus driving skills and determine if they are ready for the heavy bus driving test.

7. RTA Yard Test

The heavy bus driving test consists of two parts, an RTA Yard Test and a Road Test. First, drivers must pass the RTA Yard Test, which assesses their heavy bus driving skills in a closed-off area.

8. RTA Road Test

The second part of the heavy bus driving test is a Road Test that assesses heavy bus driving skills in real-world scenarios. This test takes around an hour and involves heavy buses navigating city streets, highways, and other roads.

9. Driving Test Collection.

Once all the steps mentioned above have been completed successfully, drivers will be issued a heavy bus driving licence. They will then be able to operate heavy buses in Dubai, UAE.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Heavy Bus License in Dubai

The cost of heavy bus license packages can vary greatly depending on a person’s individual needs and preferences.

The Normal heavy bus package typically costs between 5,000 AED and 5,000 AED, while the Weekend package is another popular option that typically costs between 9,000 AED and 9,800 AED.

For those needing even more flexibility when obtaining their heavy bus license, the Shifting Flexible package usually costs between 9,200 AED and 10,500 AED.

In some cases, individuals may find it more cost-effective to purchase a fixed-price heavy bus license that covers all tests and retests in case of failure. The cost of a fixed-price heavy bus license is typically higher than the standard packages but allows for more flexibility in terms of time and money.

When selecting a heavy bus license package, it is essential to do your research thoroughly to compare costs and benefits before making a final decision.

As a seasoned driver in the United Arab Emirates, I, Waheed Akhtar, share my experiences and knowledge to help others navigate the roads of this beautiful country safely and confidently.


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