What does this sign mean?

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The T-Intersection Ahead sign is a triangular-shaped traffic sign that indicates that the road you are traveling on will soon end in a T-intersection, where the road you are on will meet another road at a right angle. You will have to turn either left or right.

This sign is typically placed on the side of the road ahead of the T-intersection to give drivers advanced warning of the intersection and to allow them to slow down and prepare for the upcoming turn. The sign usually has a black letter “T” on a white background, with the point of the triangle facing upward wards.

It is vital for drivers to pay attention to T-Intersection Ahead signs and to slow down as they approach the intersection. Drivers should also look carefully in both directions to check for other vehicles, pedestrians, or any potential hazards before turning at a T-intersection. Following these guidelines can help ensure safe and smooth traffic flow at T-intersections.