What does this sign mean?

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T-Intersection Ahead Sign in Dubai

The T-Intersection Ahead sign is triangular-shaped and serves to inform drivers that they are approaching a T-intersection, where the road they are travelling on will meet another road at a right angle. This sign, prominently featuring a black letter “T” against a white background with the point of the triangle facing upwards, is usually positioned on the side of the road well before reaching the intersection.

It acts as a warning, encouraging drivers to slow down and get ready to make the necessary turn, either to the left or to the right.

Safety Tips When Approaching a T-Intersection

As you approach a T-intersection, it is imperative to abide by the following safety tips to ensure a safe and smooth driving experience:

  • Reduce Speed: Slow down as you get closer to the intersection. This gives you sufficient time to judge the road conditions and make a safe turn.
  • Check Both Directions: Before making your turn, ensure to look carefully in both directions to spot any oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, or potential hazards.
  • Use Indicators: Make use of your vehicle’s indicators to signal your intention to other road users well in advance.
  • Yield Right-of-Way: Be aware of the right-of-way rules applicable in Dubai to yield to vehicles or pedestrians when required.
  • Avoid Sudden Stops: Try to avoid sudden stops, which might lead to accidents, by gradually reducing your speed as you approach the intersection.


Adherence to the guidance provided by the T-Intersection Ahead sign in Dubai is not just about following the law; it is about ensuring the safety of all road users, including yourself.