You wish to overtake safely on a two-way road, you must not overtake if

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Two Solid Yellow Lines in the Center of the Road

You must not overtake if two solid yellow lines are in the centre of the road.

The two solid yellow lines in the center of the road indicate a no-passing zone, meaning overtaking or passing another vehicle in that area is illegal. This is typically done to ensure safety, particularly in areas with limited visibility, such as on hills or curves in the road.

No-Passing Zones Defined

Two solid yellow lines in the centre of a road demarcate a no-passing zone. In this zone, overtaking or passing another vehicle is not just unsafe but also illegal. These lines are generally painted in areas with limited visibility such as hills or bends to promote road safety.

The Repercussions of Not Adhering to the Rules

Despite the urge to overtake in these zones assuming one can do it safely, it is critical to resist. Non-compliance not only attracts traffic citations and fines but can also potentially lead to severe accidents. Therefore, it is always recommended to wait until a legal passing zone is reached to overtake safely.

Pre-requisites for Safe Overtaking

Even when you find yourself in a zone where overtaking is allowed, ensuring safety is paramount. Before you decide to overtake, ensure to:

  • Check for oncoming traffic
  • Be aware of your blind spots
  • Ascertain there is enough room to perform the manoeuvre safely

Adherence to traffic rules and signs, coupled with patience and good judgment, goes a long way in ensuring safe overtaking.


To sum up, the two solid yellow lines on the road are more than just road markings; they are safety guideline designed to protect drivers. Abiding by the no-passing zone rules is an act of responsible driving, helping to maintain safety for all road users.