You wish to overtake safely on a two-way road, you must not overtake if

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You must not overtake if two solid yellow lines are in the center of the road.

The two solid yellow lines in the center of the road indicate a no-passing zone, meaning overtaking or passing another vehicle in that area is illegal. This is typically done to ensure safety, particularly in areas with limited visibility, such as on hills or curves in the road.

It is important to adhere to no-passing zones and avoid overtaking other vehicles in these areas, even if you feel you can do so safely. Violating this rule can result in a traffic citation, fine, or even a severe accident. Instead, it is best to wait until you reach a passing zone where overtaking other vehicles is safe and legal.

Before overtaking, it is also essential to check your surroundings carefully, including checking for oncoming traffic, checking your blind spots, and ensuring you have enough room to overtake without endangering yourself or others. Overtaking safely requires good judgment, patience, and adherence to traffic rules and signs.