You are about to make a u-turn, you must have a clear view of traffic on the road

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Before the U-Turn: Ensure a Clear View of Traffic in Both Directions

Before making a U-turn, having a clear view of traffic on the road in both directions is essential. This manoeuvre involves turning the vehicle 180 degrees to travel in the opposite direction. Here we outline the necessary steps and considerations to undertake this potentially hazardous maneuver safely.

Checking Traffic Conditions

It is crucial to check traffic conditions meticulously to ensure it is safe to execute a U-turn. This involves looking in both directions to confirm the absence of oncoming traffic, including other vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. Furthermore, checking for any obstacles or hazards on the road that could affect your ability to complete the turn safely is vital.

Executing the U-Turn Safely

Once a break in the traffic is noted, signal your intent to other road users and carefully move your vehicle across the road to the opposite side. It is necessary to ensure that you are not obstructing other cars or creating a hazard while doing so.

Adherence to Traffic Laws

Making a U-turn is regulated by various traffic laws, and in some areas, it might be restricted or even prohibited. Non-compliance with these regulations can result in traffic citations or fines. Therefore, acquainting yourself with and adhering to all traffic rules regarding U-turns is essential.


In summary, executing a U-turn safely involves a series of carefully taken steps: having a clear view of the traffic, checking for any road hazards, and signalling your intention to turn, all while following the pertinent traffic laws and regulations.