Which is most likely to cause drowsiness when driving?

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Understanding the Risks: Taking Cold Tablets While Driving

When considering what might cause drowsiness when driving, one common and often overlooked factor is the effect of taking cold tablets. This article sheds light on how taking cold tablets can impact your driving ability.

The Side Effects of Taking Cold Tablets

Taking cold tablets, especially those containing antihistamines or other sedatives, can potentially induce drowsiness, affecting your alertness while on the road. It is essential to be cognizant of this when deciding to drive after medication.

Reading Medication Labels

Before you drive, it is crucial to read the labels of any medication carefully, being vigilant about understanding the potential side effects, including drowsiness. Awareness of how taking cold tablets can affect you is a step towards safer driving.

Alternative Transportation

If you find yourself feeling drowsy or experiencing any side effects from the medication, avoiding driving is the safest choice. Opting for alternative transportation can help ensure both your safety and the safety of others on the road.


In conclusion, when pondering over what is most likely to cause drowsiness when driving, taking cold tablets stands as a substantial factor. Being informed and making responsible choices can avert risks and promote safety on the roads.