What this symbol denotes?

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The U-Turn Allowed Sign

The U-turn allowed sign is a road sign that gives drivers permission to make a U-turn at a specific point on the road. This sign indicates that the area is designed for U-turns and it is safe to make a U-turn there.

Why is the U-Turn Allowed Sign Important?

Having a U-turn allowed sign at certain points on the road helps in reducing traffic congestion. It guides drivers to spots where they can change their direction without causing traffic jams or accidents. It is a useful tool for smooth traffic flow and ensuring safety on the roads.

Rules to Follow

When you see a U-turn allowed sign, it is essential to still check for oncoming traffic from both directions before making a U-turn. Ensure the road is clear and it is safe to turn. Always follow the traffic rules to avoid accidents and penalties.


In conclusion, the U-turn allowed sign is there to help drivers know where they can safely make U-turns. It is crucial to follow this sign and the traffic rules to maintain safety on the roads. So, always be attentive to the U-turn allowed sign and other road signs to ensure a safe driving experience.