The letter E in this guide sign denotes that

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What Does “E” Signify on Emirates Routes?

In the context of UAE road signs, the letter “E” generally represents the Emirates Road, a vital highway linking the seven emirates of the UAE. While this sign may occasionally point towards other destinations or landmarks beginning with “E,” it predominantly refers to the Emirates Road, serving as a guide on the Emirates routes.

Understanding the Color Coding

Road signs on the Emirates routes come in different colours, each indicating a specific type of route:

  • Blue Signs: These signs mark roads that connect different emirates, indicating routes of national and international significance.
  • Green Signs: Representing roads contained within a single emirate, green signs are crucial for intra-emirate travel.
  • Brown Signs: These guide drivers to local destinations of interest, facilitating easy navigation to places of local importance.


To sum up, understanding the guide signs, especially the ones indicating Emirates routes, is crucial for smooth and safe driving in the UAE. Keeping in mind the significance of the “E” sign and the colour-coded system can greatly assist in navigational efforts, promoting a safer and more efficient driving experience on the Emirates routes.