RTA Motorcycle Theory Test: Procedure, Questions & Answers

RTA Motorcycle Theory Test: Procedure, Questions
RTA Motorcycle Theory Test questions answers procedure and cost

RTA Motorcycle theory test is the only application that you need to pass your motorbike theory test in Dubai. Dubai is known for expensive cars and huge roads. Driving a motorcycle in Dubai is a whole new experience. People want to drive crazy heavy bikes in Dubai and some people want to use it for delivery services. Personally I am a bike lover too. Having a motorcycle is always a plus point. But before that, we need a driving license to drive the motorcycle in the beautiful city of Dubai.

If you don’t have a motorcycle driving license you cannot drive a motorbike in UAE.  Even if you have a valid full driving license you still need a bike license to drive a bike.

People find it really hard to clear the theory test. As we are already helping people to clear theory test for cars and this time we want to help you to clear your RTA Motorcycle Test. We have made one of the finest Android and iOS application that can simply guide you through the whole process of rta motorcycle license.

RTA Motorcycle Registration.

The basic but the most important requirement for Dubai motorbike license is the age limit. You should be at least 17 years old to apply for the driving license course.

  • If you never had any driving license. Then you are a Beginner and register yourself for mandatory 15 hours classes.
  • If you have valid two years driving license and an affidavit from your consulate stating that you have a valid motorcycle license. In that case, you just have to take 8 hours of classes.
  • The United Arab Emirates permits 41 nations to simply convert your driving license. If you are one of them then simply walk to RTA office with all the necessary documents and fee.
  • If you have any violated traffic rule and being fined. You cannot open the file until the fine is cleared.

We hope you are over 17 and being a good citizen you don’t have any due fines that need clearance. The needed documents for Dubai Motorcycle driving license are.

  1. Original Emirates ID
  2. Eye test clearance certificate. You can get it from RTA authorized optical centres in Dubai.
  3. NOC (No Objection Letter) is required only if the profession is not mentioned in the RTA exempted list of professions.
    1. for employed: No Objection letter must be printed on the company letterhead with the company stamp & signature of the designated authority.
    2. personal sponsor (wife/husband/siblings): No Objection letter not required.
    3. personal sponsor (driver/nanny/helpers): No Objection letter is required
  4. Your driving license (from home country) if you had any. If it is not in English or Arabic it must be legally translated in Dubai. If your license is handwritten or in book format it must be attested from home country embassy/consulate.

Open motorcycle license file.

 To open your file and to take classes register yourself in a driving school. That school must be approved from RTA (Road Transport Authority). Some of RTA registered schools are

  • Galadari Motor Driving Center.
  • Emirates Driving School.
  • Dubai Driving Center.
  • Belhasa Driving Center.
  • Al Ahli Driving Centre.

RTA Motorcycle driving license cost.

The cost varies from school to school. There are some other important factors that cost you more/less. If you are taking classes on weekends that can cost you more. Similarly, if you need more practice. These schools have special packages too. They also offer discounts from time to time. Stay alert. And you can also get recommended from friends and family members it can also save you some money.

Attend 8 hours of theory lectures. Take theory lectures and at the end, you have to pass school’s assessments test.

RTA Motorcycle Theory Test

If you have followed all the steps then you are ready for the RTA Motorcycle Theory Test. The test consists of 40 questions. These are multiple options type of questions. To clear this test you must answer at least 30 questions correctly. As you have spent a lot of money and time you cannot afford to fail this test. Don’t worry we are here to help you to clear your motorcycle theory test. Get RTA Motorcycle Theory Test Application from Google Play Store or Apple AppStore.

Download from PlayStore
Download from AppStore

The app is available in Arabic, English and Urdu language. We are working on the Hindi language. Hope it will be added soon.

Once you’ve passed, you can schedule your practical lessons. Practical lessons are 15 hours long.  Pass the school assessment test and then RTA practical test. Unfortunately, if you fail you need to re-register for the test again. After 5 fail attempts, you need to take lessons again and then reappear for the practical test.

Dubai Bike Parking Issue.

Unfortunately, there are not so many bike parking spots. So to avoid fines park your bike at a normal parking space.


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