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Driving is more dangerous if you
Which of the following is more important?
What does this sign mean?
Speeding increases the risk of a crash because
What does this sign mean?
What is the meaning of this sign?
You are approaching a stop sign. when must you stop?
You wish to overtake safely on a two-way road.you must not overtake if
When you are driving behind a truck it is best to drive
Placing the baby car seat at the rear seat is safer because?
Looking at the diagram, which vehicle can turn first?
You are driving vehicle A. You want to overtake vehicle B. You are coming up to the top of a hill.You should?
Extra care must be taken when driving near schools because?
In heavily populated area what should be the speed limit
Parallel parking means
What does this sign mean?
What is the main factor that helps you to be a better driver?
How long does it take to learn to be a good driver?
If your car breaks down you should
Keeping a record of each driving lesson is good because
One of the many techniques to safe driving is
You are driving towards an intersection that has green lights and you see that traffic is blocking the intersection.What should you do?
You are about to make a u-turn.you must have a clear view of traffic on the road
What does this sign mean?
You are dazzled by the lights of an oncoming vehicle you should
If you want to turn left on a two-lane roundabout,You approach the roundabout in the left lane also keep in the same lane as you travel around the roundabout.Then which action is true?
What signify red light in the traffic signal?
Usually the safe distance between two stopping cars is
When driving near to schools and residential area
Head check is important while changing lane because

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