RTA Basic Theory Test

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Driving conditions on a road will be
When you driving on the freeway, where you will position your vehicle in the lane?
One of the difficulties of driving is
Which of the following will make you a more dangerous driver:
When you approaching roundabout the priority is given to
What does this picture show?
If you see the white broken lines in the road as in the picture what it denotes
When you taking out from the parking lot and reversing the car, and want to go left side which indicator you should put
Once you complete required mirror checking and blindspot spot checks, how do you change the lane
When driving you should
Which lane you will position your vehicle if you want to turn left
You are driving through a parking area, what speed you will choose
When you approach a pedestrian crossing line and there are pedestrians waiting to cross the road you should
What does this sign mean?
In a three-lane roundabout, you want to turn right . Which lane you will choose while approaching?
You will be a safer driver if you drive just a little bit slower because
You are seeing the traffic signal green light starts to blink, What will you do
What does this sign mean?
Large intersections are marked with a large yellow box with diagonal squares. This is known as a box junction. This is to indicate
You are driving vehicle A along a narrow road. How should your driving be?
You told to proceed to right direction from the parking area and you need to reverse the car. Which indicator will you switch on?
What this symbol denotes?
How should you drive into a bend in the road?
You are driving vehicle A. How should you manage the driving risk?
In a multi lane freeway you should take left lane only
As a safe driver you should
What does this sign mean?
Which is most likely to cause drowsiness when driving?
If you see an Ambulance coming behind you while you driving, What you will do ?
Hazard perception is the activity which talks about
In your driving test, You are told to drive. What are the procedures you will complete before starting to move the car?
What does this sign mean?
How much alcohol can you have when driving?
At what speed should you travel on the road?
Just before you enter an intersection the traffic signal turns red.what should you do?
What is the safest distance from the vehicle in front of you in normal traffic?
You are the person driving now and the vehicle started moving. and suddenly examiner pointing that you didn't wear the seat belt. What will you do? Choose the best option
The letter E in this guide sign denotes that
Which indicator you will switch on when you exiting from the roundabout
You are told to change lane by the examiner. Once you completed all the mirror checks and blindspot check you found its safe to change the lane. Suddenly a speeding car appearing on tour view mirror. Which action will you take?

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