Complete Procedure of Getting a Dubai Visa

how to get dubai visa.
procedure of getting a dubai visa

Getting a Dubai Visa can serve numerous different purposes for the millions who decide to visit every year. People flock to see the tourism hub of the Middle East. Others chase business or entertainment events. A majority needs a visa for Dubai so they can become a part of its flourishing job market. The procedure of getting a Dubai visa is not an exceptionally complicated one. It is, however, important for the applicant to be aware of the requirements and steps they should take in order to end up with a visa when they need it.

Procedure of Getting a Dubai Visa

The difficult part when hoping to work in Dubai starts after you have landed in Dubai. Getting there is not very challenging. Therefore, if the purpose of your visit to Dubai does not relate to starting a job or founding a business there, it will be an easy-to-follow procedure.

The Visa that we are looking at here is one moderated by the interior ministry of the UAE. This means that once inside the UAE limits based on the visa, the person can visit any of the seven emirates.

Types of Dubai Visas

There are several different types of visas for UAE and the application procedure of each differs from the rest. Therefore, it is crucial to research and identify the type of visa you want.

  1. Visit Visa: The visit visa for Dubai can be of two types. The short term visit visa covers 30 days while the long term visit visa covers 90 days from arrival date. Both of these visas are non-renewable. Moreover, both these visas require a deposit other than the visa fee. A resident sponsor (can be a relative) has to pay this deposit and once the visitor has left UAE, the amount is paid back. The short term visa is valid for 30 days from issue date while the long term visa is valid for 60 days from issue date.
  2. Tourist Visa: This is a special category within the visit visa. The tourist visa entails that the visitor will be able to stay in the UAE for 30 days. If the person with the visa over-stays, they would have to pay a fine that depends on the number of days.
  3. Multiple-entry Visa: This visa usually benefits people hoping to enter the UAE multiple times on a single trip. It is also for businessmen with frequent business plans inside the UAE.
  4. Transit Visa: This visa is for someone traveling and having a minimum stay of 8 hours inside a UAE airport. Holders of a transit visa can have a 96-hour stay inside the UAE. The requirement for this is a confirmed onward ticket.

Dubai Visa Requirements

  • Completely filled visa application form
  • Fee for the visa approval
  • A clear copy of the sponsor’s passport
  • A clear copy of the applicant’s passport
  • The sponsor must provide proof of residence like an employment contract or a salary certificate
  • The sponsor also needs to provide proof of kinship with the applicant
  • Passport sized photos of the applicant
  • The applicant needs to have travel insurance
  • A clear copy of confirmed flight booking
  • The applicant also needs a bank approval letter.
  • Pakistani applicants also need to provide their CNIC upon when applying

Dubai Visa Procedure

The easiest way to apply for a Dubai visa is doing it online. The Emirates can sponsor a UAE visa and their website has all the information on doing so. For applying through Emirates, you need to confirm a flight through Emirates and pay the visa registration fee as well as the flight fare online. Emirates takes care of the visa process and it goes hassle-free.

Another way to get a Dubai visa is through a relative who is also a UAE resident by them becoming your sponsor. This would work by the resident applying on the applicant’s behalf. The above mentioned documents would work in this case.

Other sponsors might include travel agencies and hotels inside UAE. Visiting a travel agent near you might clear this out for you if the above two options do not work for you.

We hope this guide will make your visa application easier.

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