What does this sign mean?

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Pass Either Side Sign: What Drivers Should Know

The pass either side sign is a road sign that tells drivers they can go past it on either the left or the right side. This sign is usually seen in areas where the road is wide enough to allow vehicles to pass from both sides safely.

How to Use the Sign

When you see the pass either side sign, you have the choice to go either left or right. You should choose the side that is most convenient and safe for you. Always check for other vehicles and pedestrians before making your move.

Why It is Important

Understanding and using the pass on either side sign correctly is important to keep the traffic flowing smoothly. It helps in avoiding confusion and reduces the chances of accidents on the road.


To wrap up, the pass on either side sign is a helpful guide for drivers to know that they can pass a certain point from both the left and right sides. Remember to always use it safely by checking the road conditions and other vehicles around you. It’s a simple sign but following it makes our roads safer and driving easier.