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Overtaking Prohibited Sign: A Guide for Drivers

When learning to drive, understanding different road signs is vital. The overtaking prohibited sign is one such important indicator that guides drivers on when it is unsafe to overtake another vehicle. Let’s delve into the details of this sign.

Details of the Overtaking Prohibited Sign

The “No overtaking in this area” sign, also known as the overtaking prohibited sign, is a regulatory symbol that bans drivers from overtaking in specified areas. It is easily recognizable with its circular red border, white background, and black symbol depicting one vehicle overtaking another.

Placement of the Overtaking Prohibited Sign

This sign is strategically placed in areas where overtaking can be risky due to reasons such as narrow roads, sharp curves, hills, bridges, tunnels, and pedestrian crossings. It serves to alert drivers to potential dangers, encouraging them to drive safely.

Purpose of the Overtaking Prohibited Sign

The core purpose of the overtaking prohibited sign is to minimize collision risks by restricting overtaking in unsafe zones. It essentially guides drivers to refrain from overtaking in areas where it could lead to accidents.

Adhering to the Overtaking Prohibited Sign

Drivers must respect the overtaking prohibited sign by not overtaking in the designated areas and maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front to allow for sudden stops. Following this sign is not just about following the law, it’s about ensuring safety on the road.

Consequences of Not Following the Sign

Disregarding the overtaking prohibited sign can lead to traffic violations and penalties, not to mention dangerous driving conditions. Hence, it is in every driver’s best interest to comply with the instructions indicated on the sign.


In conclusion, the overtaking prohibited sign is a critical road sign in guiding safe driving behaviours. Adherence to this sign helps in maintaining road safety and avoiding unnecessary penalties.

Failure to comply with the sign may result in a traffic violation, penalty, and potentially dangerous driving situations.