The Money Taxi Drivers in Dubai Earn

money taxi drivers in dubai can earn
how much taxi drivers earn in dubai

Working as a taxi driver in Dubai is a potential source of a steady salary for thousands of people. A large percentage of these taxi drivers are immigrants from South Asia. For aspirants looking to settle with a taxi driver’s wage in Dubai, it is essential to know what you are looking for. The money that taxi drivers can earn in Dubai is the scale people can measure their goals against.

Becoming a taxi driver in Dubai

The conditions for becoming a taxi driver in Dubai are largely linked to RTA. The Roads and Transport Authority manages the procedure for getting a driving license in Dubai. Applicants have to pass an RTA Theory Test in order to get the license. RTA therefore mediates the provision of driving licenses to people wanting to drive taxis in Dubai. Moreover, RTA also looks out for the taxi driving services operating in the city. These organisations have to register with RTA and get the details of their screening procedure approved by RTA. Only this decides who passes the test and goes on to become a driver for the taxi service. This mostly requires basic education and a clean criminal record.

The money taxi drivers can earn in Dubai

Most taxi service companies hire drivers on the basis of their skills. Then they pay them in the form of commissions. This commission is not exceptionally high. For most similar companies in Dubai, there is a target for the drivers to earn AED 9,000 in a month which would give them a 30% commission. Less earnings can lead to lower commissions.

All in all, the average earnings of a normal taxi driver in Dubai can amount to AED 47k per year. This is, however, only possible with hectic shifts of around 12-14 hours per day. Keeping a steady daily wage is the only possible way of making a considerable annual wage.

With information on how much a taxi driver can make on average, you can make informed decisions.

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