Just before you enter an intersection the traffic signal turns red.what should you do?

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The Signal Turns Red Just Before the Intersection: What to Do

You should stop before entering the intersection when the traffic signal turns red. It is important to obey traffic signals and signs to prevent accidents and maintain safe driving conditions.

Exception to the Rule

In some situations, stopping might not be possible. If you find that you cannot stop in time and you are already in the intersection or had a green light initially, proceed through the intersection with caution, ensuring it is safe to do so.

Waiting for the Green Signal

If none of the above conditions apply, the right action is to stop and wait patiently for the signal to turn green again, thereby adhering to the rules and ensuring safety at the intersection.


In conclusion, when you are just before an intersection and the traffic signal turns red, it is fundamental to stop and assess the situation correctly to ensure safety on the road. Remember, safety first!