In a three-lane roundabout, you want to turn right . Which lane you will choose while approaching?

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Three-Lane Roundabout: The Right Way to Turn Right

Navigating a three-lane roundabout, especially when you intend to take a right turn, necessitates a proper understanding of traffic rules. Here, we explain the correct lane choice while approaching a three-lane roundabout to turn right.

Choosing the Right Lane

When you approach a three-lane roundabout with the intention to turn right, it is imperative to use the right-hand lane. This lane naturally guides you to the right-hand exit of the roundabout, directing you towards your desired route.

Signaling and Checking

Before entering the roundabout, remember to signal your intentions early enough to inform other drivers of your planned route. Moreover, make it a point to check your mirrors and blind spots to ensure it is safe before changing lanes, a crucial practice when navigating a three-lane roundabout.

Giving Way and Following Signs

As you approach, always give way to vehicles that are already on the roundabout. Adhering to the road markings and following the signs are vital in safely navigating a three-lane roundabout.


To sum up, choosing the right-hand lane while approaching a three-lane roundabout to turn right, coupled with correct signalling and observance of road signs, ensures a safe and smooth journey.