If you see the white broken lines in the road as in the picture what it denotes

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White Broken Lines on the Road

When you see white broken lines on the road, it indicates that you are allowed to change lanes if it is safe. These lines don’t just mark the road; they also show drivers when they can change lanes safely. Let’s learn the importance and the rules surrounding white broken lines on the road.

What Do White Broken Lines on the Road Indicate?

When you come across white broken lines on the road, it signifies that changing lanes is allowed, provided it is safe to do so. These broken lines function to separate lanes while also indicating that crossing over them to switch lanes or overtake other vehicles is permitted.

Steps to Safely Change Lanes

Before deciding to change lanes where white broken lines on the road are present, ensure to:

  • Check Your Mirrors: Regularly check your mirrors and blind spots to ascertain that no vehicle is in your blind spot or approaching from behind.
  • Signal Your Intentions: Utilize your turn or hand signals to communicate your plan to other road users.
  • Verify Safety: After signalling, verify once more that it is safe to change lanes before making your move.

Adhering to Road Rules

Adherence to the road rules when white broken lines on the road are in play is non-negotiable. Any negligence can lead to accidents, putting you and other drivers at risk. Therefore, always exercise caution while changing lanes to maintain road safety.


In conclusion, white broken lines on the road are vital road markings that guide drivers on safe lane-changing practices. Being knowledgeable and adhering to the rules associated with these lines can facilitate a safe driving environment for everyone on the road.