If you see an Ambulance coming behind you while you driving, What you will do ?

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Giving Way to Ambulance Vehicles

One situation that demands immediate action is when an ambulance vehicle is approaching from behind. Let’s discuss the proper response in such scenarios to facilitate the quick movement of the ambulance vehicle.

Identifying an Approaching Ambulance Vehicle

When you notice or hear an emergency vehicle, such as an ambulance, coming from behind while driving, it is imperative to react promptly to ensure the vehicle can pass swiftly and reach its destination.

Moving to the Left

The primary action to take is to move to the left side of the road and stop, if it is safe to do so, in order to give way to the emergency vehicle, facilitating its smooth passage through traffic.

The Importance of Giving Way

By giving way to the ambulance vehicle, you are helping it get to its destination as quickly as possible, potentially saving lives in the process.


In conclusion, when you encounter an ambulance coming from behind while driving, moving to the left and stopping, if safe, is the right course of action. This simple yet crucial step can aid in emergency responses being more timely and effective.