You are told to change lane by the examiner. Once you completed all the mirror checks and blindspot check you found its safe to change the lane. Suddenly a speeding car appearing on tour view mirror. Which action will you take?

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Changing Lanes Safely During a Test: A Detailed Guide

Changing lanes during a driving test can be a pivotal moment that tests your awareness and safety precautions as a driver. Imagine a scenario where you are told to change lanes by the examiner, and just as you are about to do so, a speeding car appears in your view mirror.

In such a situation, what is the best course of action to take? Let’s delve deeper into the structured approach to handle this scenario safely.

The Initial Steps: Mirror and Blindspot Checks

Before changing lanes, it is mandated to complete all necessary mirror and blindspot checks to ensure it is safe to proceed. This involves checking all mirrors including the rear-view and side mirrors to have a full grasp of the traffic situation around you. The blindspot check is another crucial step, which entails a quick over-the-shoulder glance to cover areas not reflected in the mirrors.

Encountering a Speeding Car

Despite completing the preliminary checks, if a speeding car suddenly appears in your view mirror, it calls for immediate action. This is a common occurrence on the roads and being prepared for such situations is essential for safe driving.

The Safe Approach to Take

The safest action to take in this scenario is to allow the speeding car to pass first. By doing so, you avoid the risk of a collision and ensure your safety and that of other road users. It is important to remain calm and not succumb to pressure, ensuring you prioritize safety over haste.

Repeating the Safety Checks

After letting the speeding car pass, it is necessary to repeat the mirror checks and blindspot checks to ensure it is safe to change lanes. This repeated check serves as a double assurance of safety before you proceed with changing the lane, thereby adhering to the highest safety standards.


To sum up, in a scenario where a speeding car appears suddenly during a lane change, the best course of action is to let the speeding car pass, and then repeat the mirror and blindspot checks before safely changing the lane.

This approach not only demonstrates a high level of road safety awareness but also showcases your ability to respond correctly to sudden developments on the road, which is a sign of a responsible and skilled driver.