Applying for Canada Visa From Dubai

get canada visa from dubai
complete guide to apply for canada visa from dubai

People living in Dubai for professional or personal purposes might want to apply for a visa to Canada. Millions of people find their calling in the Dubai job market. Thousands get accepted in the new openings every year and the process depends heavily on the technique behind their application.

However, once you become an employee in Dubai, applying for Canada Visa from Dubai is a comprehensive process.

Canada Visa from Dubai

The primary consideration in this process is that officials processing visas for Canada, the US, and Europe consider the job market in Dubai. Therefore, it does not matter even if the applicant is an immigrant and not a UAE national. As long as the person is working at a prestigious Dubai firm, they will be able to get a visit visa to Canada.

Also helpful is the fact that a lot of companies in Dubai have Canadian, American, or European managerial staff. They hence know the criteria for selection in the Dubai job industry and it helps during the visa application.

Transferring from the job market in Dubai to the job market in Canada can be achievable with a Canada visit visa from Dubai. Applicants can personally visit firms and scout for vacancies relating to their expertise. Work Permit once in Canada on a visit visa can help you get a job.

The Application Procedure

It is possible to complete the visa application procedure without spending a fortune. In most cases, 200 to 300 dollars or 20,000 to 30,000 PKR can be enough.


  • You need to have your passport. If you are an immigrant working in Dubai, this part is not difficult.
  • There need to be 2 passport-sized photographs. These are integral for filling out the visa application form.
  • Applicants also need to correctly fill in the details on the visa application form.
  • In the case of a family, the applicant also needs a family registration certificate. B forms of any kids in the family are also essential. A marriage certificate for a married couple must be there as well.
  • The ease of verbal and written communication in English is another prerequisite.
  • For those working in Dubai, you need to take two to three weeks off and apply for a Canada tourist visa for those days. For this, you need a Work Experience Letter as well as a No Objection Certificate.
  • Adding salary slips for the past three to six months can also help.
  • Add income tax details to your visa application.
  • You should also attach your bank statement to the documents in the application.
  • Applicants need 5000 to 6000 USD in their bank account as savings (15 to 20 lac PKR).
  • Finally, you must add a cover letter detailing your life and work experience as well as your wish to visit Canada as a tourist.


  • If the employer adds a clause in the no-objection certificate about how you are on vacation and will have a job when you come back, it will do you good.
  • For working applicants, work experience in the field you are looking for is vital.
  • All the documents mentioned in the prerequisites must be computerized as other options will not be entertained.
  • Do not borrow money and add it to your account as a lump sum right before beginning the visa application process.
  • Book a hotel in advance. This way the embassy knows where you are planning to stay in Canada. Using the Internet or a travel agent for this purpose are both viable options.

If your passport has resident or visit visas of other countries as well, it will help your case with Canada. The absence of a criminal record and proof of being in different countries ascertains your success in the visa application process. Getting the help of a professional consultant in Dubai for a Canadian visa can make the process swifter and cleaner.

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