Amazing things you can do when in Dubai

amazing things you can do when in Dubai
Here is a list of amazing things you can do when you are in Dubai

Dubai is the attractive job market for millions every year. However, Dubai is also a tourist destination born straight out of every traveler’s dreams. It is a beautiful city with equal parts modern artificial wonders and conservative charm. Out of all the emirates in the UAE, Dubai stands atop the rest because of its famous ability to evolve. This city has only had a few decades but it has already outdone many. Its continuous rise suggests an era that will continue to have Dubai written all over it. Solely because of this assimilation of a range of options, the list of amazing things you can do when in Dubai is a long one.

Amazing Things to do when in Dubai

Compiling the best places to visit or things to do when in Dubai is a long and tiring task. However, we have tried our best to build a foolproof road-map so your next Dubai visit ends up with no regrets. This compilation of a few amazing things you can do when in Dubai may end up helping you after all.

1. Burj Khalifa

Everyone knows immediately associating Burj Khalifa as the tourist destination of choice in Dubai is cliche. However, it is its sheer popularity and demand that does not surrender its spot at the top of the list. People all over the globe recognize this building and instantly link it with Dubai. Other than being a global celebrity, it is an amazing architectural feat as well. Keep this as your main priority to check it off your list as soon as possible.

2. Dubai Mall

Where the Burj Khalifa boasts its engineering marvels, tourists flock to the Dubai Mall to get a firsthand experience at the shoppers’ paradise. The enormous mall has attractions even for people who do not intend to shop. With children-friendly entertainment, a huge aquarium, a movie theater and an ice rink; the Dubai Mall qualifies as a tourist destination of its own.

3. Jumeirah Beaches

The beaches in Jumeirah are on a separate level of tourist attraction. The Jumeira Beach is on a walking distance from the Burj Khalifa and hosts hordes of tourists. It has countless bbq and picnic spots. Guest DJs on the weekends, an open-air cinema and a water park for children are just a part of its allure.

4. Global Village

This is located a taxi-ride away from the Emirates Mall. They built the global village with the image of a carnival for people who love to shop. Basically, it is a world fair showcasing cultures and products from nations all over the world. There are around 30 pavilions and each represents a nation. There is also specific cultural entertainment on this pavilions.

5. Bastakiya Quarter

The Bastakiya Quarter is the historic district of old Dubai. It gets its name from the large numbers of Bastak or Iranian traders settling here during the 19th century. Visiting the neighborhood after the skyscrapers is a breath of fresh air. It also hosts the iconic Dubai Museum.

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